Commissions: How Does it Work?

So how do commissions work you ask? 😊

The goal: I love doing commissions and seeing my clients faces light up when they receive their custom illustrations. For that to work, transparency and good communication are key. What I don’t want is for you to be nervously waiting to receive your ‘surprise’ illustration worrying whether your investment will ‘’pan out’’ or whether you’re just about to both lose your money and your time. What I do want is to work together, so that I understand exactly what you need and you can oversee and approve the work before you receive the final illustration. That way you will know exactly what you are due to receive and when. The goal is always to communicate what you had in mind & maximize the impact.

The Brief/ Concept

The Brief: The brief is the first step, it’s a description of the concept that you had in mind. I usually have a short call with my customers to try and have a rough understanding of the feeling they are trying to communicate with the illustration. I then ask them to send me an email, outlining everything they are after, the colour palette they had in mind, the mood, etc. The more precise we can be, the less the guesswork, the better the results.

The Rough / The final artwork

The Artwork:

The rough: After the agreed amount of days I will send over the rough sketches. The roughs are there to give you an idea of the concept, to illustrate a direction, sometimes there will be one rough and other times there will be more than one for you to choose. I then allow some time for you to decide on the rough. A certain amount of changes is included in the price so don’t worry if you had a thing or two you wanted to add.

The final artwork: Once you give me the go ahead on the rough, I then move on to clean the sketches and onto the final artwork. This is the most exciting part! Once I send you over the final I wait for you to approve it and a couple of small changes are included in the price, should you need them, just to make sure that you are completely happy with what you get. (Customers seldomly need them. 😊)


Here is the Process: Enterprise Nation Case Study

The goal: Enterprise Nation was after an inspirational print to give as a present to the young aspiring entrepreneurs that attended their event: Next Gen Fest in November 2019.

The brief: The goal was to create a clean yet visually strong image depicting two different young individuals who both wanted to leave their mark. One would be a creative and the other one a business oriented person. We also decided to give the print a bit of a ‘badass vibe’ to communicate the confidence the two depicted entrepreneurs had, in order to inspire the attendees of the event to ‘carve their own path’. The client wanted the colours of the illustration to match the colours of the Next Gen event so that the print tied in beautifully with the rest of their branding.

The rough: After the agreed amount of days I presented three different directions and together with the client we chose the one we believed would look best on the print.

The final artwork: After having finished with the final artwork I sent four different versions of the print to the customer to choose the variation of colours that they believed would look best, ranging  from more plain compositions to more dynamic ones. After having chosen, the final artwork was sent to the customer in the format agreed, ready to print.

The results: This is the print in the flesh. Everyone was really happy with the results.

The feedback: This is the feedback that they kindly gave me after the project was completed successfully.