3 tips to remember when building your Instagram Content Strategy.

We often ask ourselves, is it even possible to grow an Instagram profile nowadays? With all the algorithm mystery and the non chronological posts if you’re late to the party then things look quite difficult, right? Well not quite!

When it comes to creating a strategy for your content on Instagram remember the three things that will keep your content relevant and your profile visible.

  1. Relatability. We all crave to be seen, heard and understood. We want someone who ‘gets’ it, gets us, gets what we’re all about. So the more relatable your content is the more people will see themselves in your content. In order to have that however, you would have to decide on your target audience, as you can’t be relatable to everybody, so you’d have to choose who you’re talking to.
  2. Share-ability. And if you want to take in up a notch then you would also make sure that your relatable content is very shareable. Meaning your content expresses a thought that your audience identifies with, feels represented by, and therefore feels the urge to share it on their own social media.
  3. Consistency. Remember that even if your content is super well crafted, very relatable and people re-share it after you post it somewhere, you will not have significant growth if you don’t show up consistently. Consistency is what makes people come back for more. Ideally you would both be consistent in your content themes (the things you talk about, the topics you touch on) and the time that you choose to share your content (Days/ time that you post). This way people are excited to wait for your content and happy when it’s out.

Instagram is an amazing tool that can help us find our tribe, create a community around our values and discover new things, however we are often unsure of how to approach it and how to use the platform, in a way that will benefit both our business and our audience. This is why after a lot of research and reading, I have combined all of the advice along with exercises and actionable steps into my new Skillshare class: Create your own Instagram Content Strategy, which you can find below: https://skl.sh/3yax0ef


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